North Korean missiles have little impact on the market


At 5:30 am local time yesterday (20:30 GMT), North Korea successfully fired a ballistic missile from a submarine. Experts estimate that the missile could have a range of over 1,000 kilometers. This would be enough to strike Japan. This is a worrying development, and coupled with North Korea’s nuclear program, it can be potentially devastating. Despite the possibility of a nuclear holocaust, if we look at the foreign exchange market, it barely even blinked.

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Pharmaceutical Companies and the Fight against Cancer

6127242068_23c80ef94f_z.jpgPharmaceutical giant Pfizer is seeking to expand its portfolio by acquiring Medivation, one of the most sought-after independent biotech companies on the market. Pfizer is close to acquiring Medivation for a recorded $14 billion cash-only deal.

The number of worldwide cases of cancer is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 20 years, so there is a great need to innovate new treatment methods. Xtandi, a treatment for prostate cancer developed by Medivation, is already approved for sale in the US. Medivation currently generates close to $2 billion in annual sales, with that number set to rise to $5.7 billion by 2020.

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More bad news for Volkswagen

It hasn’t been a good year for Europe’s biggest car manufacturer, Volkswagen.

In September of last year the Volkswagen Group was caught using “deliberate and sophisticated” measures to cheat the emissions tests on a number of their diesel engine models. VW used in-house developed software to detect if an emissions test was being conducted and when a test situation was detected

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What do Athletes Wear at the Olympics?

images.jpgThe Olympics mean not only a significant number of people from around the globe are watching world-class athletes, but they are also seeing those athletes’ sportswear. The Olympics therefore offer huge exposure for brands like Nike and Adidas, who pay large amounts for athletes to wear their products, and put great effort into developing innovative apparel.

At the Rio Olympics, Nike introduced the latest evolution of its AeroSwift technology, designed to facilitate specific needs of each athlete and event, whilst enhancing the overall human potential for speed. Through hundreds of hours of testing in a wind-tunnel, Nike has developed apparel with reduced drag and weight. The technology incorporates aerodynamic and breathable bibs with 3D-printed adhesive tape and built-in aero-blades for track and field athletes, and soccer and basketball players.

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Virtual assistants – the battle for the future


Virtual assistants are not a new idea. If you remember, one of the first virtual assistants was an animated paperclip over twenty years ago. The world has come a long way since Clippy. In the past few years, virtual assistants have started to become quite popular. There are several virtual assistants at the moment competing for people’s favour..

Apple’s Siri is the most famous of the modern generation of virtual assistants. She was one of the most exciting features on the iPhone 4S back in 2011. Everyone wanted to ask Siri for the weather forecast, or to write a text message, or even to sing them a song. Unfortunately Apple’s traditonal approach of locking out third party developers hurt Siri, and her abilities have not progressed much since launch, besides some cosmetic changes. Some tech journalists even say that Siri is worse now than at launch, but it is more likely that standards have risen.

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